Dec. 1, 2022

A Musical for the Lovelorn: Cyrano

A Musical for the Lovelorn: Cyrano
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"Yes, I'm in love. I dare." Oh this movie. I'm sobbing at the drop of a hat lately, and it turns out that a heart in love and cracked wide open is the perfect foil for Joe Wright's glorious, lush, emotional film, Cyrano. This sung-through musical makes the prettiest lovelorn cocoon, and Peter Dinklage and Haley Bennett are a revelation.

The rich, romantic look of the Cyrano movie is just as compelling as the lyrical choreography, music and acting.

The main cast and director on the making of Cyrano. I am now truly, madly, deeply in love with Peter Dinklage, especially for his emotional singing, and Haley Bennettembodies pure passion and love as Roxanne. She even cries beautifully.

An interesting glimpse into the creative process of director Joe Wright,  and what inspired him to adapt the Cyrano stage musical for the screen.

But what about that ending?

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