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Delightful, indulgent

I really like this podcast. It isn't just about romantic novels, but also romance movies and TV shows. Each episode ties into a theme, and Poppy also adds in links to videos related to the movies/shows or the book links. I really like that, so I can explore the titles some more. This is a sweet ind…

Super fun and insightful!

The podcast is a great mix of fun and insightful commentary on everything along the spectrum of love and romantic story telling. Just a delight!

Charming, Lovely, Beautiful.

Her voice, enthusiasm and stories drew me I. and kept me listening and smiling throughout. I can’t wait to hear more!

Pure delight!!

I am completely charmed by this new podcast!! Lovely, heartfelt, and beautifully produced, it’s just what my spirit needs right now. Thank you, Poppy, for this splash of light and beauty in my day! 💕