Aug. 11, 2022

Advice Romance Part 2: The Truth About Cats and Dogs/The Ex Talk

Advice Romance Part 2: The Truth About Cats and Dogs/The Ex Talk

It's more fictional and real-life advice in this action-packed episode! Isabelle Popp, a contributor to BookRiot, stops by to talk about her recent essay about romance novels, and Carly Lane, pop culture critic and "romance nerd" for Collider, Vulture and Paste Magazine, explores her upcoming book A Regency Guide to Modern Life. We'll revisit the vintage romcom The Truth About Cats and Dogs, a Cyrano retelling set against the backdrop of a pet-advice show, and take a peek at The Ex Talk, a contemporary fake dating romance about a relationship advice radio show.


You Are Never Too Late to Start Fucking is the best kind of advice: empowering, supportive, never prescriptive but inspiring and hopeful. Girl on the Net writes the most honest, vulnerable yet hilariously funny sex positive posts and produces sizzling hot female-gaze audio porn. This essay is required reading for people over a certain age who are launching themselves again, or people who — for various reasons —may have never fully explored their sexual destiny.

Isabelle Popp is a smart, funny and thought-provoking essayist at and her essay Should Romance Novels Reflect Realities or Indulge Fantasies? is a must read for all romance book lovers.

Carly Lane is a pop culture critic and expert romance nerd who channels WWJ(A)D (What Would Jane Austen Do?) for her upcoming advice book A Regency Guide to Modern Life: 1800s Advice on 21st-century Love, Friends, Fun, and More. The book will be published this coming February and you can pre-order here.


This trailer for The Truth About Cats and Dogs has that frantic 90s style but don't let that put you off —my advice is watch or rewatch this romcom pronto. It's silly, smart, funny and ultimately an empowering story about platonic and romantic love.

Being a public radio nerd, I soooo enjoy the banter and inside baseball references in The Ex Talk. This fake dating romance about public radio employees who pose as exes to dole out relationship advice on air, while juggling semi-successful professional and disappointing real-life love lives off air, is delightful.

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