Jan. 26, 2024

Boss in Pink: Barbie

Boss in Pink: Barbie

I'm one of the last remaining people on planet earth to see this amazing movie, and it still managed to surprise me, even after all the hype. I love Greta Gerwig, I love her courage in telling a story about feminism and patriarchy using Bazooka pink, candy colors and a beloved, if stereotypical, doll. And I love Barbie even more now after learning about her modern diversity and variations. For a doll that's survived more than 60 years, transformed amid many cultural changes, and is still selling in the millions each year, she remains an inspiration.


The Barbie trailer — but you will want to see the whole thing. Maybe many times.

How Greta Gerwig and her Oscar-nominated art directors created Barbieland and all those fantastic Dreamhouses.

Greta Gerwig may not have gotten an Academy Award nomination as Best Director, but Barbie is nominated for Best Picture, which I forgot to mention, so that's pretty fantastic. In my Barbie Part Two episode, we'll talk about the fantastic America Ferrera performance in this movie, for which she's received an Oscar nomination.

The fascinating history and evolution of Barbie.

More fun facts on Barbie.

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