March 10, 2022

Brave Romcomedy

Brave Romcomedy

I'm celebrating International Women's Day with a round up of comedy badassery by Ali Wong, Amy Schumer, Jenny Slate, Rose Matafeo, and Iliza Shlesinger. Whether it's a romcom movie, TV show, blog, book, or live special, these writers are funny, raunchy, honest and real when talking about their lived experiences. They're badass inspiration. (CW: lots and lots of profanity, mentions of body image, brief mention of drug use, and lots of juicy sex talk.)

This episode featured a section from "Bring Me Tequila and Your Dick" an audio porn story from the smart, sexy, funny, real and really kinky Girl on the Net.

Movies/Comedy Specials/Audiobooks

Ali Wong has never been better in her hilarious Netflix comedy special Don Wong. Baby Cobra is also wet-the-pants funny. Just me?!

The friends to lovers trope in Always Be My Maybe is so heartwarming. Ali Wong's chemistry and banter with Randall Park is smart and delicious.

Michelle Buteau has hilarious laid-back comic timing as Ali Wong's best friend in that romcom, and she's a really good standup comic too.

You can count on Amy Schumer to be scathingly honest in her observational comedy, especially while exploring marriage and pregnancy in her mid-late 30s. She dishes it all like a boss in Growing. I really like her low-key vibe, too, as she narrates her life stories in The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

A big part of Iliza Shlesinger's sharp, smart comedy is her physicality—especially the voices and faces she makes. Elder Millennial is a great example. She narrates the audio version of her book of essays Girl Logic and it's fantastic.

I fell in love with Jenny Slate in the romcom I Want You Back, and then fell in love with her all over again watching her comedy special Stage Fright.

I can't count the ways I love the goofy charming antics of Starstruck. Rose Matafeo is a curvy, self deprecating and hilarious emotional mess who is completely relatable, which is why I think this show works so well.

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