April 20, 2023

Breakups and Makeups: High Fidelity/Rye Lane

Breakups and Makeups: High Fidelity/Rye Lane

The only romantic breakups I "enjoy" are fictional ones, especially if the couple makes up after learning something valuable about themselves and their partner. Nothing better than romantic reconciliation, but sometimes the healthiest outcome is going our separate ways, and we often discover that our best romance is with ourselves. Romcom realizations like these are much easier and neater to achieve on film, and that's probably why I love screen stories like these.



Begin Again is a quiet little film about artistic integrity and one woman's awakening to the romance she has cultivated with herself--- and who doesn't love Adam Levine in one of his first film roles as Keira Knightley's rockstar boyfriend?

It's hard to believe that the writer of Thor: Love and Thunder (Jennifer Kaytin Robinson) wrote and directed the sweet, warm Someone Great. I fell in love with Gina Rodriguez in this movie, and the trio of leads turn this into a charming story about the importance of friends in any life transition, especially romantic endings.

I loved every single second of I Want You Back and I shipped the pairing of Jenny Slate and Charlie Day from word go — as friends, as lovers, no matter what, I just wanted them to be in each others' lives. Even if they did act out pretty outrageously.

Is there anything sexier and cuter than John Cusack in his prime? Is there anything more hilarious than Jack Black as a supporting actor in pretty much any movie?! As far as I'm concerned, High Fidelity remains a romcom classic. And it was shot in my hometown, too.

Yes we've seen a similar romcom before (Before Sunrise) but the inventive way that Rye Lane is constructed — from the story structure to the editing and sound design —plus the setting and absolute charm of the leads, make this a refreshing, unexpected take on the trope.

I think two of the most emotional,  philosophical and authentic movies ever made about lost romantic love are La La Land and 500 Days of Summer.

Cosmopolitan magazine has rounded up 39 of the best movies to help you get over even the nastiest break up.

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