Feb. 25, 2021

Choose Your Own Trope Adventure

Choose Your Own Trope Adventure

Most romance makes me feel warm, optimistic and hopeful. But sometimes hot and kinky is what you need. A touch of BDSM. Sex with an alien. The wild fantasies of some contemporary romances practically catch fire on the page. And sometimes non-fancy hot sex with good communication and a considerate fictional character who appeals to you does the trick. It's risk-free,  shame-free pretend in this episode, in any flavor you want. Vanilla?  I'm here to support it all.

If you like exploring story forms in any genre, TV Tropes is the place to be online. Plan on a week--or at least being late for dinner.

Book excerpts in order:

Savor You from the Fusion series by Kristen Proby. This whole series is on fire, especially in audiobook.

An Indecent Proposal from the O'Malleys series by Katee Robert. Haven't read the whole series yet, but oh I'm going to get to it. If you like your romances hot and spicy with a bit of  kink, Katee Robert is your one-stop shop.

Best Man with Benefits, by Samanthe Beck, part of the Wedding Dare series. This series is hot, hot, hot.

Savor You 

There wasn't enough space, but I'm in love with the hot hockey hunks with hearts of gold in the Chicago Rebels series by Kate Meader. Unmissable for professional-sports hero trope lovers!