Nov. 30, 2023

Darkly Funny Connection: Shiva Baby

Darkly Funny Connection: Shiva Baby

There's no way to exactly describe the dark and hilarious debut dramedy Shiva Baby except to say: you giggle at what should be sad, feel heartbroken for what should be exciting, become annoyed with the emotional meddling, and end up a ball of stress and tension — until the twists and turns of this darkly comic plot unwind the whole thing, ending with a painfully hysterical moment and heartwarming queer romance in the making. With an emotional roller coaster loaded with relatives and lovers like these, who needs enemies? By the end of the movie, it only proves that laughter is therapy.

Shiva Baby is a little over an hour and well worth seeing, but if you only have a minute, the trailer captures some of its unique flavor.

Rachel Sennott would love to "help other young women write or act in comedy" and girl, you're a fresh, generous, delightful soul. Her journey into acting and comedy —and this movie —is such a sweet wholesome story.

"Women decode sexual messaging from a young age...They have to process what sex means, what it can do for them, what it should do for them, what they’re supposed to do for it...and I’m interested in how women figure it out." An interesting interview with director and writer Emma Seligman.

A beautiful explanation of the meaning and ritual of the ancient Jewish tradition of sitting shiva.

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