Nov. 3, 2022

Dating Romcoms: He's Just Not That Into You/How to Be Single

Dating Romcoms: He's Just Not That Into You/How to Be Single

If you're the one person on the planet who hasn't heard: I've been on dating apps, and wow, I need to process. Let's do it together, shall we?! There's nothing more amusing than a dating romcom full of romantic disaster, then sweet gooey love at the end. Or that invigorating enemies-to-lovers story to get you in the mood to dive back into your matches. Or not.

"Not surprisingly, men were more likely than women to rate hooking up as the reason they used dating apps, but they were also slightly more likely than women to say they used the apps to look for love." Are Dating Apps Better at Finding Love or Sex?

Ah, yes, that old playground for our anxieties, a.k.a. the love lab: How to Make Dating Apps Work for You.


First came the book, then the movie. He's Just Not That Into You has become a focusing romantic philosophy of mine, and has saved me plenty of heartache, too.

I'm not particularly concerned if Die Hard is or isn't a Christmas movie (it isn't). But using it as a tiny conceit in Love Hard turns it into something adorable. Well, that and the homage to the most famous scene from Love Actually and a truly awesome consensual version of Baby It's Cold Outside.

Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans Jr. have incredible chemistry in Love, Guaranteed but they aren't the only charming thing in this well-written, beautifully cast and well-paced romance.

I had forgotten how delightful and funny How to Be Single is, and I especially love the message about the value of messy, imperfect partnered romance — but also the value of learning to love yourself solo.

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