June 14, 2024

Girl Crush: Bottoms/Booksmart/The Half of It

Girl Crush: Bottoms/Booksmart/The Half of It

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Hey romance friends! Let's celebrate Pride Month with a trio of smart, funny, quirky movies about queer girl crushes on high school classmates. Classmates to lovers is one of the most popular romantic tropes ever, and these movies have quite the unique take on those beats. The friendships are deep and full of love, the romantic explorations are hot, sexy, and heartfelt and the kisses are swoon-worthy. High school can be an exciting, and scary time for figuring out your desires and identity, but these young women navigate it all like the survivors they are.

CW: lots of swearing, explicit talk of anatomy, sex and religion


The intention of Pride Month is "to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally.”

Looking at this trailer I laughed hysterically all over again. Bottoms is wild, horny and unhinged, but somehow it manages to become a cohesively hilarious and heartfelt queer coming-of-age romp. It's not for everyone but IYKYK.

A fascinating deeper look at the cultural themes and motifs in the original Fight Club movie from 1999.

There's so much more to high school life than being Booksmart — it took me a long time to learn that, too. I need to tuck this trailer away in my pocket and pull it out when I need to be cheered up. The slow mo power walk of these besties in their party era is total hysteria.

"Love is the trying and reaching and failing."  The Half of It would not be half the movie it is without Leah Lewis as Ellie Chu. 

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