Dec. 14, 2023

Hanukkah Hijinx: Round and Round

Hanukkah Hijinx: Round and Round

It's a holiday miracle: I've finally watched one of the most perfect Hallmark holiday movies I've ever seen, with stellar writing, directing, editing, and acting. The story is heartfelt, it has relatable stakes, it's romantic and touching and funny: everything a holiday movie should be. Not surprisingly, it's inspired by one of my favorite romcoms of all time, Groundhog Day, the original time-loop romance. I rooted for all of the characters, and the central romance, from the first moments of this movie, and also got very very hungry for latkes with applesauce and jelly donuts.

"A romcom where a magic dreidel causes a woman to get stuck in a Hanukkah time loop and I know what you're thinking but it's so good."

A little preview to hold you over until it's re-broadcast a bit later in the month.

I was invited to a friend's house for Hanukkah one year and their sweet son was so excited to teach me how to play the dreidel game.

Mouthwatering recipes for Hanukkah celebrations, including a recipe for homemade jelly doughnuts or sufganiyot. I'll take mine with Nutella, please.

"Journalist" Vic Michaelis stars in Very Important People, interviewing "the most interesting people in society today" all played by comedians given an elaborate, surprise makeover, complete with latex masks, to help them invent a new character on the spot.

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