Feb. 9, 2024

Hotter Than Ever

Hotter Than Ever

My favorite shows, books or movies feature women over the age of 40 finding sensuality, romance and connections of whatever type they desire. Unfortunately, society likes to pretend that women — especially older women —don't have desires. There aren't many examples of sexy fearless aging in Hollywood once you get beyond the Book Club and Nancy Meyers movies, shows like And Just Like That and Grace and Frankie, all of which feature the movie industry stable of "acceptable older actresses." That doesn't stop me from constantly searching for any romantic story featuring not-young, but wise, experienced, sexy women. Erin Keating, host of the Hotter Than Ever podcast, spent her career in TV development and has thoughts about all of this. We dish, get deep, and have fun chatting about what sexy and authentic women's lives look like after a certain age, on screen and off.


On Hotter Than Ever, Erin Keating has fascinating, wide-ranging conversations with women who "broke the rules and reshaped their lives for the better." She also talks about career, ambition, reinvention, relationships, divorce, dating, sex (and more sex), aging, body image and more "in a frank, irreverent way that also manages to be deep as f*ck." So true.
I absolutely loved her intimate, vulnerable episode from last fall, "Making Peace with Divorce and Opening Your Heart to Love."

I briefly mentioned The Old Lady Project in this episode. It's an initiative to encourage the development of screenplays, scripts and theatrical works with "significant parts for women older than 50, a demographic that is mostly unseen in mainstream media."

The "bottle" movie that Erin mentioned is Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, starring Emma Thompson. I did an entire episode on this fantastic movie a couple of years ago, and if you like stories about sexy, gorgeous, complicated women of a certain age, don't miss it.

Personally, I've never seen a Nancy Meyers movie that I haven't loved, especially because of how sexy and authentic and messy her middle-aged women characters are.

Katee Robert writes the most intelligent, sizzling hot, and kinky romantic erotica. Her Dark Olympus series is not to be missed.

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