March 25, 2021

Intimate Worlds: You've Got Mail/Love Lettering

Intimate Worlds: You've Got Mail/Love Lettering

Some of my favorite romantic stories create intimate worlds where true, vulnerable, heartfelt things can be said--and done. Sometimes it takes half the story to get there, sometimes it takes most of the story, but it's always worth the wait for that magic moment when characters finally bare their hearts.

Original vintage trailer for The Shop Around the Corner. Oh, the charm.

Nora Ephron followed the original  first date scene very closely in her remake, You've Got Mail. Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan were very good friends in real life and Jimmy carried a tiny torch for her for a long time.  Thinking that's why they're so adorable together in this movie!

The trailer for You've Got Mail. It doesn't do this movie justice. At all. See it!

Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn  is worth the read in any format, but the audiobook, performed by Nicol Zanzarella, is sublime.