Dec. 30, 2021

Learning from Romance: Part 2

Learning from Romance: Part 2

My year of reading romances has modeled so many good things for me, especially stories with the family of choice trope. We're not all lucky enough to be raised in an emotionally healthy family, so reading about how loving, supportive people show up for the people they care about can be a healing experience.

Lauren is a fellow member of the Heaving Bosoms podcast Facebook page, and we share a love of many of the same romances. She was so much fun to talk to--thanks Lauren!

Fran writes the most witty, romance-related epigrammatic tweets.

There are a lot of other interesting tropes linked from the Family of Choice trope page at


The rock bands in the VIP series by Kristen Callihan and the Dirtshine rockstar series by Roxy Noir are some of the best families of choice romances I've ever read. Fall is my favorite book, but both series feature intersecting, emotionally rich, sexy steamy stories about the realities of life in the spotlight, and what happens to ordinary people when they enter that glamorous world.

The New York burlesque setting of A Certain Appeal makes for an inspired Pride and Prejudice retelling. The Elizabeth, Jane and Darcy of this story are irresistible, too. Don't miss the audiobook narration by Julia Whelan -- her Darcy is a sexpot.


This trailer for Magic Mike is mwah.

The women in Hustlers are so stunning, so sexy and centered in their power, you almost forget their modern gendered Robin Hood scheme is basically breaking the law.

Broadway Danny Rose, A Prairie Home Companion, and classic movies The Bandwagon, Gold Diggers of 1933 and the Broadway Melody movies of the 30s are some of the best found family showbiz movies ever made. 42nd St. is groundbreaking, and Footlight Parade creates much of the same magic.