Jan. 13, 2022

Learning from Romance: Part 3

Learning from Romance: Part 3

The lessons keep on coming! In this final episode in my miniseries on what I've learned from romance, I encounter...monster erotica. I'm tardy to the party, so giggle along with me as I explore my "first-won't-be-last" monster fucking romance, and listen to an excerpt from an erotic monster story--full of tentacle sex--by guest author VB Beringer.


A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor is Book 1 in the short Tempting Monsters series. It's sweet, hot, steamy, intriguing and tender, all at once, which makes it the perfect intro to monster erotica. It's available on Kindle Unlimited.

Guest writer VB Beringer specializes in fantasy, science-fiction and other erotica sub-genres. He read an excerpt from "Night Fever" from The Rift Walker erotic action-adventure series, available on Medium. Find links to his writing here. He creates custom erotica, people!

TV Shows

There are two seasons of the sweetly kinky Bonding on Netflix and this show could not be more sex positive about BDSM while also having a good bit of fun with it, too.

Sex Education has to be one of the most delightful sexual coming of age stories ever committed to film. This series, about the teenage son of a sex therapist who decides to make some extra money by giving sex advice to his classmates, is absolutely delightful and the young ensemble cast is incredible. Gillian Anderson as the gorgeously randy sex therapist is a highlight. No monster fucking but pretty much every other kind of sexual challenge makes an appearance in this hilarious but tender show.