March 22, 2024

Long Distance Romance: Going the Distance/What Happens Later

Long Distance Romance: Going the Distance/What Happens Later

I'm meeting my LDR sweetie for the first time this week, after more than a year of online dating, and excited doesn't begin to cover it. Humans are spread out all over the globe yet hyper connected, so many of us will experience a long distance romance at some point in our lives. LDRs are thrilling and intensely romantic, but  can also leave you open to frustration and pain. A decent lingerie collection, unlimited Skype, solid communication skills, generous use of emojis and regular video sex really helps. The characters in these movies love while distant in either geography or the heart, and their screen journeys have all of the intimacy, affection —and miscommunication and heartache —that's part of loving someone across the miles.

CW: miscarriage, sex

"What are you wearing?!" There are many hilarious scenes in Going the Distance thanks to the timing of this fantastic ensemble cast, but there's plenty of genuine emotion too.

"I have a good life, but I never again met anyone who made me feel the way you do." What Happens Later is a poignant romance about missed connections and bad timing that surprises in quiet ways. David Duchovny and Meg Ryan are a perfect match for this style of overlapping conversational script, infusing it with gentle comedy, midlife weariness and emotional depth.

The ending is ambiguous, which makes the story feel light and hopeful, and if you watch to the end, you see Meg Ryan's touching dedication, which brought a lump to this romcom fan's throat.

When you look at stills from the shoot, you realize how beautifully lit and art directed What Happens Later is. It looks nothing like this dinky regional airport.

How to survive a long distance relationship and make it work.

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