Aug. 24, 2023

Love Bomb: You Hurt My Feelings

Love Bomb: You Hurt My Feelings

I'm a huge fan of the films of Nicole Holofcener, and her latest is another lo-fi, funny, thoughtful story for anybody who's ever tried to make a romantic, platonic, sibling or parental relationship thrive. Is it ever okay to tell a little white lie to the people we love to spare their feelings? When is it okay to fib a little? Do blunt honesty, the unvarnished truth, or our brilliant but unsolicited opinions make people feel appreciated and loved, or is the truth a little more complicated?

The intense intimacy, affectionate humor and heartache of You Hurt My Feelings is a gorgeous emotional smorgasbord.

An interview with writer/director Nicole Holofcener (not "holofcenter,"  as I said in the episode :(.

"The problems at the center of “You Hurt My Feelings” may seem insignificant from the outside, but when they happen to you, they’re seismic." A fantastic review of the film by Christy Lemire.

So exactly how should we give constructive criticism to someone we love? Some actionable tips here. Julia Louis Dreyfus does a beautiful job of acting out emotional flooding in this movie.

In case you have an artistic friend or lover: Pixar's 7 essential steps to giving creative feedback.

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