Feb. 11, 2021

Love, Sex and Romance - After 40 Edition

Love, Sex and Romance - After 40 Edition

I've been having fun reading a ton of contemporary romances featuring buff young things getting it on. But it's time to get real: which means ageless love, with plenty of imperfection, wisdom and fun thrown in. It's romance full of humor, honesty, acceptance and kindness. The sexiest combo I know.


The Heaving Bosoms podcast features different romance novels that best friends Erin and Melody have enjoyed--or just have opinions about. Hysterical, smart opinions.

At Home in Mitford

Movies/TV Shows mentioned:

Something's Gotta Give

Our Souls at Night

Book Club

Grace and Frankie

State of the Union

Geraldine bags Johnny Depp!! in this Vicar of Dibley special.

It's Complicated