Sept. 21, 2023

Quick Look: the Trope-y Romcom Goodness of Love at First Sight

Quick Look: the Trope-y Romcom Goodness of Love at First Sight

I'm not a snob when to comes to romantic tropes. I don't discriminate: the more outlandish the better, and I love them all. Every beat might be as familiar as the back of my hand, but my attitude is: bring it on again. It's even better when there are little refreshing updates to beloved romcom plots, like in the new Netflix movie Love at First Sight. This unimaginative title promises the most smarmy movie experience ever, but it turns out to be a tender, warmhearted, romantic story about different kinds of love, fate, and the bravery it takes to embrace it all.

 (I tried to make this episode spoiler-free, but if you're good at picking up clues, you might want to watch the movie first).

For once a really good trailer that communicates the fun and irresistible romance of this movie but doesn't hint at the emotional plot points at the center of the story. Gold stars all around.

And for those who appreciate a really good spoiler synopsis (whoops, Oliver didn't miss his flight, Hadley joined him on his —insert googly heart eyes here in place of my brain).

The script is co-written by Jennifer E. Smith, based on her YA romance The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. The entire cast is delightful.

I certainly don't agree with all opinions in this movie review, but one thing I do agree with: Haley Lu Richardson needs to star in more romcoms.

"Do people really meet and in moments simply know they're meant to be? New evidence suggests: Yes, they do." Psychology Today on the phenomenon of love at first sight.

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