Sept. 8, 2022

Quick Take: How to Build a Sex Room

Quick Take: How to Build a Sex Room

It's a NSFW, shame-free look at relationship and healthy sexual desires to celebrate the second anniversary of this podcast! I've grown along with this show, and I fully embrace the wide range of fantasies and desires represented in sex-positive romances, romantic movies, and TV shows — like How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix. I can't say enough about how lighthearted, fun, empowering, sexy and surprising this show is.

Romance After Dark is the episode where I explore my newfound love of kink in romance. There are some sexy, sizzling hot read-alouds in this episode too.

Learning from Romance Part One is the episode where I talk about discovering new aspects of my sexuality thanks to the romance genre.

How to Build a Sex Room takes you on a journey not only through private fantasies and desires and ways to stimulate them, but lots of fascinating relationship dynamics, too. All credit to the casting director on this show and to the producers for making it so inclusive.

Building your own sex room tips from host Melanie Rose. The first one is easy: just make your bed, and make it inviting.

I called it a "pod" but the correct term for a polyamorous group is polycule. I found that segment to be the most intriguing in the whole show. That polycule is so sexy, loving and affectionate with each other, it makes me want to join one myself.

Excellent round up of sex furniture including that sex chair! It's in my Amazon cart right now.

And a round up of sex swings. Just because.

And the pony chair.

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