Nov. 4, 2021

Romance After Dark

Romance After Dark

My current fantasy bedroom is full of steam & kink. I'm in the mood, people, so let's read-aloud from some of the hottest, kinkiest romances I've ever read! It's hard to find this level of heat, consent, care AND happy-ever-after on screen, but romance writers have got you covered.

The Psychology of Sexual Kink at The Swaddle is a must read.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a nonprofit membership organization that advocates for consenting adults in the kink and non-monogamy lifestyles by fighting discrimination and persecution.

In case you were curious: Vice lists the top five kinks in the US. And here are the results of a 2015 survey of sexual diversity in the US.


I love the Netflix show Easy for so many reasons, but mostly because it's chock full of humor, relatable relationship issues and sex positivity. The writing is smart, and the ensemble cast is fantastic, too.

Calling all musical theater geeks: Schmigadoon! will be catnip for your soul.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the kink granddaddy of them all. This movie is a comfort re-watch for me.

Hot Stuff

The gorgeously smutty Serve series, set in an exclusive NYC BDSM club, was my introduction to kink in romance and it's a doozy.

Melt Into You is the scorching-hot Book 2 in the  Loving on the Edge series, set at a private, exclusive BDSM ranch in Texas.

Sugar DaddiesDaddy Crush.  Y'all. Y'ALL.

Neon Gods is Book 1 in the steamy, sexy Dark Olympus series.

The erotic short stories by women & erotic podcasts round-ups from Oprah Daily are chock full of kinky, sexy, hot AF goodness.

Erotica flash fiction writer JM Seaborn writes dirty, smut-hot stories featuring daddy kink and dominant/submissive scenes.

The evolution of a kink is a fascinating read, full of compassion, sex positivity and acceptance.

The explicit female-gaze audio porn from Girl on the Net is super well-done and classy, and it probably doesn't hurt that she narrates with a British accent.

Love Bytes Originals offers high-quality short form audio romance and erotica. Their stories bring "heart, heat and humor" and their professional team of narrators are fantastic. It includes one of my favorite romance audiobook narrators, Emily Woo Zeller.

I haven't signed up for Audio Desires yet -- "erotic audio stories for women and couples" -- but oh, I want to.

Cosmo magazine was writing about girl power and sex positivity way before it was cool. So leave it to them to develop the Complete Beginner's Guide to Fisting.

Kinkly is a one-stop kink info shop.