Oct. 19, 2023

Romance in the Buff: Naked Attraction

Romance in the Buff: Naked Attraction

Selecting potential mates based strictly on physical attributes is definitely a vibe —as seen on the UK dating show Naked Attraction, which has recently started streaming in the US. As expected with a TV show that features full frontal nudity, it's inspiring quite a lot of discussion :)
So I invited my UK-based sweetie (a.k.a. Mr. Bingley, a perfect nickname, because he's ridiculously kind, like the Jane Austen character) to discuss the nuances with me, because he has seen every episode of every season of this show. By day, he's an educator and gives presentations to college students on safe sex, consent, diversity and acceptance, among many other topics. He really likes the show, I really kind of didn't, and we come to some interesting conclusions about it.

CW: explicit discussions of genitalia and sexual activity


My episode on the drama and romance of dating shows with Jennifer of the Every Romcom podcast.

The Naked Attraction trailer for the US audience, with naughty bits covered.

The full Monty,  Naked Attraction S11 ep05 episode that I featured in my episode. You know what? I couldn't stop watching this one.

Season 5 episode 2 of Naked Attraction features Judith, a 57-year-old sexually open Christian chorister who is looking for a partner. To say her appearance was polarizing is an understatement (you go, Judith). The show has been fairly diverse with queer, polyamorous, disabled, trans and older contestants.

The Decider "stream it or skip it" review of Naked Attraction.

Apparently, plenty of Americans have now said: stream it! "The people have spoken and they want to see the peen."

This review from a few years back decides that the show is cringeworthy in parts, but also "curiously heartening" and "a force for good." I think I would agree.

Small exposures to body positive content can improve body image, according to research by the University of New South Wales. "They found women aged 18–25 who viewed body positive posts daily over a 14-day period reported a decrease in body dissatisfaction and less tendency to compare their appearance with others. Their improvements in body image were also maintained four weeks after viewing the content."

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