May 6, 2021

Romantic Belonging

Romantic Belonging

Found family, partners, true-blue friends: it's all about the groups of people who claim us, warm our hearts, and have our backs no matter what, who help us feel that we belong.

Remember the TV show Queer as Folk? It originated in the UK, and there was a US version too. Its group of friends fits this trope so well. My high school crush/date came out to me on prom night so I felt a bit like Daphne in this clip: happy and proud for him, but a bit disappointed, too. The TV show Friends is all about this trope, too, of course.

My BFF loves motorcycle club romances, which embody this trope as well. 

All the Tropes on band of brothers is great, and also explores a band of brothers trope off-shoot called True Companions.

Four Weddings and a Funeral is still charming and touching, with one of the best “we belong together” found-family examples in any rom-com.

Bromance Book Club is the first book in the Bromance Book Club series by Lyssa Kay Adams. Its band of brothers is romance gold—needless to say, Netflix snapped up the rights so the story will be coming to a tiny screen near you sometime soon. 

Daniel is a steady, wise and affectionate presence in the Loveless Brothers series by Roxie Noir, and his story, Best Fake Fiancé is one of my favorites, along with Levi’s and Eli's stories.

Jo Beverley’s Malloren series is one of my top favorite romance series ever. Devilish, the oldest Malloren brother Lord Rothgar's story, is one romance I can happily read over and over.

Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series centers on an English village in the Regency era with blue stockings and shy, spirited women who don't quite fit in as its residents, along with the group of aristocratic men who love them. They're full of wit and whimsy, the perfect place to start reading historical romance.

The Beautiful series by writing duo Christina Lauren is quite a ride: spicy hot and kinky (unlike their more recent books) with "naughty" tropes that ratchet up the fantasy.

I plan to explore this fantastic series in an upcoming episode, but for now, let me say that Chloe Liese's Bergman brothers series has this trope in spades and it's another, new top favorite romance series.