July 15, 2021

Romantic Capers: Murder Mystery/The Lovebirds/Date Night

Romantic Capers: Murder Mystery/The Lovebirds/Date Night

There's nothing like the bubbly fun, clever banter and twisty plots of a romantic caper movie*. It's just the thing when you crave romance and sexy flirting in beautiful settings, plus a dash of gentle mystery and mild suspense. *Episode contains spoilers. Lots.



The Lady Vanishes is a comfort re-watch for me, even though I know whodunit. The central romance is so charming.

The Thin Man and its sequels are delightful from start to finish. Nick and Nora Charles are the ultimate married-couple energy to me. Made more than 80 years ago and still bright and fun.

Charade has been called the best Hitchcock film that he didn't direct, and I agree. I don't know what's more appealing: the plot, the Paris setting, Cary Grant's handsome humor or Audrey Hepburn's beauty and stunning costumes.

The gorgeous French Riviera settings of Murder Mystery and To Catch a Thief are worth the watch alone, but the plots and champagne-bubble fun will win you over.

Manhattan Murder Mystery isn't top drawer Woody Allen but it's sweet and fun. Diane Keaton is the star here.

The Lovebirds walks so many fine lines well that its effect and scope just can't be summed up in a trailer. You have to see it.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey are at their straight-man best in Date Night, especially during the car chase scene.

Other romantic capers worth a look:

The beautiful Audrey Hepburn is back for another vintage caper, this time with Peter O'Toole in How to Steal a Million.


There was a remake, but the original The Thomas Crown Affair is full of 60's cool. 


I prefer this Jim Carrey remake of Fun with Dick and Jane to the original.


Tom Cruise is ridiculously charming and Cameron Diaz shows off her great comedic timing in Knight and Day.


It's all about the hot chemistry between sexy Sean Connery and sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones, plus a badass plot in Entrapment.


The warmth and humor of George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez were never better than in Out of Sight.

Hot White Heist is a queer audio caper performed by a cast of talented stage and screen actors. It's daffy and delightful.