Feb. 23, 2023

Romantic Heartache & Lessons of Love 1: Moulin Rouge

Romantic Heartache & Lessons of Love 1: Moulin Rouge

Sometimes all you want is a good cathartic cry, especially if it's over love and heartbreak. In this two-part episode, I'm joined by romance writer and fellow heartache aficionado Mariah Cotnoir to explore two tragic love stories full of romance, beauty and much-needed personal growth. We've all been there —if we're lucky —and despite the pain, romance is still the best game in town, whether in lived experience or the movies.


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The classic Moulin Rouge trailer.

KT Hawbaker article about Moulin Rouge's roots in ancient mythology.

Another fantastic movie about the tragic sacrifices often required of an artistic life, especially for women, is The Red Shoes (1948). This lush Technicolor film is peak classic Hollywood romance. Watch the full movie here.

More about the Bohemian movement throughout history.

The fascinating background of the Nature Boy song.

A love story to rival all others.

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