March 9, 2023

Romantic Heartache & Lessons of Love 2: Hadestown/Ironweed/The Red Shoes

Romantic Heartache & Lessons of Love 2: Hadestown/Ironweed/The Red Shoes

It's part two of our exploration of sad romances. This time, we look at the Tony award-winning Broadway musical Hadestown, which is--like Moulin Rouge--based on the ancient myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. I look at another ill-fated Depression-era love story, Ironweed, and another tragic art vs. romantic love story, The Red Shoes. And Oz, The Relationship Coach, stops by to give us some tips on handling heartbreak. All I can say is: have tissues nearby.


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The incredible original Broadway cast recording of Hadestown

Clips from the Broadway show Hadestown.

The Hadestown cast performs a lo-fi NPR Tiny Desk Concert.

A wonderful animatic on the song "Any Way the Wind Blows" from Hadestown


Get your Kleenex out: the Ironweed trailer.

The entire  "He's Me Pal" scene from Ironweed, complete with heartbreaking twist.

The famous British filmmaking partnership The Archers made The Red Shoes, among many influential movies, and it set the bar for ballets choreographed for the screen, including Gene Kelly's An American in Paris. The 1948 Technicolor is glorious. Watch the full movie here.

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