March 11, 2021

Romantic Longing: 500 Days of Summer/La La Land

Romantic Longing: 500 Days of Summer/La La Land

Unrequited love, "the timing's wrong" coupling, enemies to friends, friends to lovers, and then sometimes back to friends. What are these relationships about? Does chemistry even need a category? Some unforgettable romantic movies pin down that bittersweet, undeniable connection.

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Change the World  and Change Your Mindare the soundtrack to this episode. Yep, I'm an idealist.

Featured in order:

500 Days of Summer

When Harry Met Sally

The Age of Innocence

La La Land

The Red Shoes is a glorious, groundbreaking visual trip of a movie that explores how love and romance connect with the artistic process.

Made of Honor

Sex and the City

The Broken Hearts Gallery