Sept. 7, 2023

Romantic, Painterly Psychological Thrillers: The Essex Serpent/The Beguiled

Romantic, Painterly Psychological Thrillers: The Essex Serpent/The Beguiled

Is it Halloween yet? If it's getting cooler where you live, too, let's brew some tea or pour some hot chocolate or hot cider and snuggle on the sofa with two of the most atmospheric, painterly, creepy yet oddly feminist and romantic movies I've ever seen. CW: brief references to marital physical abuse and graphic 19th century medical techniques.

A ghostly figure, an escapee from the local asylum, a forced marriage to a violent lunatic, and an intrepid woman who insists on wearing trousers while she's solving the mysteries: this creepy limited series, based on the classic 19th century novel by Wilkie Collins, has  it all. If you're into romantic suspense, don't miss The Woman in White. The 1948 version is a  delicious, edge of your seat creepfest as well.

Oh this trailer for The Essex Serpent makes me want to start watching it all over again. Look at those mysterious, gorgeous, painterly shots! The music is so eerie and evocative, too. It's based on the award winning, best-selling novel by Sarah Perry.

Watching the trailer for The Beguiled made me realize that Colonel McBurney comes into the house carried by the women, and leaves the house the same way. The Beguiled is full of luscious symbolism and gorgeous fairytale shots that lull you into a false sense of security, which only ratchets up the suspense.

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