April 19, 2024

Serial Romantic: This is Me Now: a Love Story

Serial Romantic: This is Me Now: a Love Story

I'm a J Lo fangirl from way back, and even though the title of her narrative concept film based on the album of the same name seemed ridiculously self-absorbed, I got completely transported by it anyway, because...J Lo. It's not just the story of her second chance romance with the person she never stopped loving, and has reunited with over the age of 50, it's a story about how she learned to love herself in the intervening years. I was also super invested in the making-of documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told. But if I'm being honest, that title gave me the ick too — until I discovered that was what Ben Affleck called the emails and letters written to each other as they were falling in love all over again. And just like that, all was forgiven.


I freaking love the trailer for This Is Me Now. Irresistible! The steampunk heart factory with J Lo toiling away in a sexy tank top, and her homage to Singing in the Rain, are two of my favorite scenes in this short movie.

You don't figure stuff out when everything's hunky-dory — you figure it out when it's hard. Yassss, La Lopez. These trailers are absolutely compelling and were cut by a master editor — J Lo does not play. Bypass the title and get stuck into The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

I got this wrong: Variety actually says "J. Lo has earned more than $1 billion in box office receipts, and that’s just for her rom-coms." But I'm guessing her portion of that was in the multi millions.

Decider film critics can be counted on for the most succinct and mouthwatering reviews.

All you needed to know about the album, documentary and movie project.

"There’s something bigger here that I can share about what I’ve learned in these past 20 years, and when I’ve been making all these records about love, and trying to figure that out.”

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