June 3, 2021

Sex Positivity: Easy/The Overnight/The Intimacy Experiment

Sex Positivity: Easy/The Overnight/The Intimacy Experiment

I crave more sex- and age-positivity, a wider range of human sexuality and relationship, in the romantic TV shows and movies that I watch now. Romance novels have always done a great job at representing shame-free sexuality, desire, and fantasy. But the Netflix series Easy and the movie The Overnight also get it right.


Salt-n-Pepa Let's Talk About Sex. The late 80s-early 90s style in this video! It dates from 1991 and wow, things were different back then. But the ladies got it goin' on: let's talk about it.

A good, brief definition of the different types of human sexuality. I love that they point out that sexuality can change throughout your life.

Britannica has a fascinating worldwide sociological overview of human sexuality. There's even a good section on solo sex :)

What it means to be on the asexual spectrum.

It's possible to have hot sex and intimacy without intercourse.  Here's an excellent article full of ideas on how to go about it.

Movie/TV Show

An exploration of the lo-fi, indie mumblecore film movement.

Joe Swanberg created, wrote, directed and co-produced the TV series Easy which is quite a feat. Just look at the size of that cast! The range of subjects! 

The Overnight works because of the cast. I've crushed on Adam Scott for ages, and he's the perfect straight man here -– the main reason this even works. Ditto for Jason Schwartzman. Taylor Schilling and Judith Godrèche are also amazing. The Duplass Brothers produced this movie, and they're also big in the mumblecore movement.

The Amazon TV series Transparent is a touching tragicomedy about a trio of LA-based siblings who struggle with sex, love and relationships, while supporting their father coming out as trans. Jay Duplass stars in this show, and he's so good in it. It's a small world.


I can't say enough about the respectful, passionate way Naomi and Ethan relate in The Intimacy Experiment. It's mostly a slow burn, but when things heat up, they heat up. Check out The Roommate, too, which defines a steamy, sex-positive plot.

The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary is a clever and sexy romance, loosely based on Beauty and the Beast. It features a Southern-born, super-capable woman with childhood trauma and a grumpy arborist hero who identifies as pansexual. He's been in love with a man in his past, and now he loves her. I love romances that bring the emotional baggage, as well as sex positivity, to relationship. It makes the story richer, deeper, and more compelling.