May 4, 2023

Sexy Dad Bod: the Evolution of George Clooney

Sexy Dad Bod: the Evolution of George Clooney

What more could be said about witty, gorgeous George Clooney? For a long time now, George has been a worthy modern day Cary Grant, with all of the bantering sexy suave of that classic film icon. But I've noticed in more recent roles that George is moving into his rumpled cargo shorts phase (with just the slightest potbelly, still ridiculously attractive) as he adds more and more father figure roles to his hot little filmography.


This vintage trailer makes Room for One More sound like a sexually charged romp with the parents of a family of young kids, which it really isn't (thankfully). Though a desperate Cary Grant craving alone time with his wife for some private adult fun is quite the subtle and sexy subplot.

There's some icky sexist late 1950s patriarchal stuff in Houseboat but it doesn't take away from the chemistry between luminous Sophia Loren and gorgeous Cary Grant, who fall for each other as they team up to care for his motherless children.

Penny Serenade is a romantic melodrama that punches all of the right buttons, a story about a couple (Irene Dunne and Cary Grant) who can't get pregnant and decide to adopt a baby, with all of the struggle and heartbreak — and joy — that follows. The child who plays their daughter is insanely adorable.

Out of Sight is one of those amusing action-packed sexy capers that succeeds because of the fantastic ensemble acting and lively direction. As the two unlikely romantic leads, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney —and director Steven Soderbergh —knock it out of the park. This movie is still memorable more than 25 years later.

Much like the Rat Pack original, the Ocean's Eleven remake is packed to the rafters with stylish, sexy, attractive actors projecting that super-fun-when-it's-fictional alpha male energy. George Clooney, as the insanely handsome, smooth, cocky and confident con man ringleader, is at his peak here.

The sad yet funny tone and deep themes of The Descendants coupled with the low-key, authentic performances and Hawaiian music underscoring the emotion, turn this movie into a quiet masterpiece. A young Shailene Woodley won awards and industry recognition for her portrayal of George Clooney's daughter Alex.

Ticket to Paradise is completely predictable but also surprising in some ways, with amazing chemistry between the romantic leads and the excellent ensemble cast, which is how all good romcoms should be.

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