May 20, 2021

Sporty Romance

Sporty Romance

Romances about people at the height of their physical prowess in pro sports finding love with a partner who matches their wit and talents is a bit unfair to us mere mortals. But I'll live vicariously through these stories all day long.

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Eileen Brennan and Goldie Hawn are comic gold in Private Benjamin

The incredible hakafrom Rugby World Cup 2011.

Thatserving contest in Wimbledon. The plot is charming and the performances and chemistry of Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany make it worthwhile.

The book roundups by Book Riot and Goodreadsare full of sport romances of all types.

Hockey romances 

I read from Man Down, part of the irresistible Rookie Rebels hockey series by Kate Meader.  Her Chicago Rebels hockey series is also fantastic.

I also read from Always Only You, Book 2 in the Bergman Brothers series by Chloe Liese. This story is my favorite, and this romance series is easily one of my favorites ever. 

Heated Rivalry is a M/M romance about top-tier NHL players—a cheerful Canadian and a grumpy Russian— who fall for each other and are secret on-off lovers for years until they realize their relationship is worth the risk. Loved this one.

Unadulterated Something is a F/F romance about women's hockey rivals who hate each other--until they both retire from the game and get jobs coaching at an elite girls school in Massachusetts. Sweet and warm-hearted.

Rugby romances

Melt for Youby JT Geissinger is a slow burn featuring a Scottish rugby player on hiatus, and the bespectacled bantering editor across the hall in New York he falls for. Hot and hysterically funny. 

 Love Hard is about a widowed rugby player for New Zealand's All Blacks team who falls for his late wife's sassy, curvy best friend from school.

The Hooker and the Hermit is a steamy fake relationship story about a hot-headed Irish rugby player and an introverted gossip blogger.