Dec. 31, 2020

The Comfort of Corny Romance

The Comfort of Corny Romance

Nothing wrong with indulging in slightly corny and comforting romantic movies. I talk about a bunch of my favorites in this episode, chock full of cheese (the tasty romantic kind).

Movies mentioned:

The screwball comedy I featured is His Girl Friday (1940) starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. What a chemistry set!

The Holiday

The Lake House

Message in a Bottle

Leap Year

The Proposal

Grease 2

Blue Lagoon

Bridges of Madison County

Only You

Ever After

Compilation clip from Endless Love (1981)

The movie is based on the book  Endless Love, the best-selling Salinger-esque novel by Scott Spencer. One of my favorite books of the 80s.

A fun royal Hallmark holiday movie, Christmas at the Palace.

Not romantic but so touching: November Christmas is one of the best Hallmark holiday movies ever. Have a hanky ready.