May 31, 2024

The Romantic Awakening of Don Jon

The Romantic Awakening of Don Jon

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A romcom where a main character is addicted to porn? That's just the beginning of this amazing character study, written, directed by and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. Jon is a difficult man to admire: he's a dishonest womanizer, marinated in heteronormative culture and toxic masculinity. Then two women cross his path and change it —one to his detriment (Scarlett Johansson as Barbara) and one to his betterment (Julianne Moore as Esther). Esther provides the mirror to Jon's behavior, and despite being at least 20 years older than he is, she's sexy, wise, and grounded and manages to wear down his defenses. This is slowburn romance with a gorgeous pay off.

The sexy charm of Joseph Gordon Levitt makes even a toxic Jersey boy seem vaguely attractive.

"Anybody can join the HITRECORD community. We make videos, stories, songs, visual art, and of course, more! So whether you like writing, acting, filmmaking, music, drawing, photography, or whatever else, there are people here making stuff you might want to collaborate on.

Or even if you don’t fancy yourself an “artist” per sé, this is me giving you the go-ahead to jump in anyway. Part of the spirit here has always been not to worry too much, and just give it a try."

Joseph Gordon Levitt is a smart sexy cookie who left college when he decided to only 'be in good movies'."

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