Aug. 26, 2021

The Sweet, Sexy Cinnamon Roll

The Sweet, Sexy Cinnamon Roll

The sweet, sexy romantic cinnamon roll: there's no better hero in all of Romancelandia. Let's explore this gooey hearted, tender fictional confection and why this character brings all the feels.

The Onion article that inspired the whole thing.

Movies/TV Shows

Ashton Kutcher was a sweet doofus in That 70s Show and he grew up to be the hot cinnamon roll of No Strings Attached.

The opposites-attract romance of Long Shot only works because of the sweet, relatable cinnamon roll that is Seth Rogen.

You only have to see a few scenes from Ted Lasso to get the quirky, gooey, warmhearted charm of this series.

Bill Hader is the best cinnamon roll ever in Trainwreck.

Hugh Grant and his group of kind-hearted friends in Notting Hill qualify as one huge cinnamon roll.

The 40 Year Old Virgin has the usual Judd Apatow bro excesses, but cinematic cinnamon rolls Steve Carell, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd keep things mostly tender and sweet.

Luke Wilson loving and helping Sarah Jessica Parker fly her freak flag in The Family Stone epitomizes the cinnamon roll hero.


Ren Bergman is the sweet, soft hero of Always Only You, the second book in the Own Voices Bergman Brothers romance series by Chloe Liese. Every single Bergman brother is a cinnamon roll, and this entire series is so diversity-and-disability-positive it just warms the heart. 

The heroes in Kate Clayborn's books Love Lettering and Love at First are tender-hearted, introverted, intellectual geeks, and I don't think there's a better combination. Featured in the Intimate Worlds episode

Marie Lipscomb writes body-positive romances. and the plus-sized hero and heroine in Amped, her third and latest book in the Vixens Rock series, are kind, caring and absolutely irresistible.

The cinnamon roll hero of The Sweetest Fix is a baker who can bake cinnamon rolls and other treats at his NYC bakery, making this story a cinnamon roll meta-experience. He's also a big, burly, sexy dirty talker, as only the best Tessa Bailey heroes can be.