Sept. 22, 2022

Second Chance Romance Part One

Second Chance Romance Part One

I'm celebrating the second anniversary of this podcast with a two-part episode on one of my favorite romantic tropes, second-chance romance. In this case, it's finding love, sex and connection at a later age or after romantic or sexual disappointment. Older and wiser has never felt more hopeful as I'm talking with retired sex therapist and erotic romance writer Dr. Donna Jennings a.k.a. Dr. J,  getting her tips for navigating healthy sexuality at any age.  CW: this is a spicy, explicit episode, full of NSFW sensual sex talk.

Dr. J creates "sex-positive content to empower the sexually curious." Find links to her writing and newsletter here. And listen to replays of her Twitter Sexuality Space recordings, including the one about Netflix's How to Build a Sex Room featuring ReSpark Pleasure Rooms.

ICYMI, check out my episodes on Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, How to Build a Sex Room and kinky romance.

Dr. J talks about the power of erotica for igniting fantasies and desires —or exploring new ones. Try some of her stories or check out this fantastic round-up of online erotica by Bustle.

Dr. J mentioned the sex positive community The Mon app, and the women's sexual wellness platform Rosy.

Bellesa is an amazing sex-positive one stop shop for sex toys, sex education, female-centric porn and erotica.

Kinkly is another fabulous sex-positive and kink-positive online sexual health resource with lots of information for kink and sex/orgasm beginners.

Kinky sex can be done solo. Who knew?! 

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